With Spring in full bloom we’ve come up with some DIY fixes that are easy, affordable and will add instant curb appeal to make your house more buyer friendly.

Paint the front door

texture-2138142_1920Painting your front door is a quick and easy way to give the front of your house character. A bright and clean front door can make your house look “fresh faced” and inviting, all while sticking to a budget. A small can of paint, which you can purchase for $20 to $40, can cover your door and catch a buyer’s eye. Pick a color that matches the color scheme of the rest of your house and be sure to prep the surfaces before painting so the color will last for years to come.

Upgrade the mailbox

Upgrading a mailbox will give the front of your house a pop that is quick and easy. Simply adding a fresh coat of paint and wood varnish can make the approach to your house so much more welcoming. A can of paint and a can of varnish can be bought for under $40. If fixing your existing mailbox is not something that you want to do, then you can purchase a new one for $20 and up. Make sure when you are installing the mailbox you know the regulations of the city or town you live in so you are following city codes and ordinances. This is a project that should take less than three hours to complete and that will add an entirely new look to your house.

Add flower boxes


Flower boxes are a small and easy addition that can brighten up your windows or railings. Flower boxes are an easy way to make house upgrade. Flower boxes are simple to make yourself or can be bought pre -made for under $20. A simple mounted flower box with some new spring blooms, creates an easy way for any house to get a bright and colorful facelift.

Lawn Care

One easy way to clean up the appearance of your house is to clean up the front lawn. A freshly mowed lawn will give your house a tidy and welcoming look. The advice doesn’t just stop at mowing either, if you have a tree or shrub located in your front yard then raking and hedge trimming will be another necessary task. A well groomed lawn is something that people will notice immediately and will make your house appear neat and appealing.

Brighten up the night with some exterior lighting


Adding outdoor lighting will give the front of your house a night time facelift. Whether the new fixtures come in the form of pathway lighting or a new mounted exterior lighting fixtures. The house transformation you are looking for may end up coming because you can now see your house in the dark too. A set of 8-10 lights can be purchased at a cost of $40-$100. Check second hand or salvage shops to find vintage lighting fixtures that match the look and style you are going for.

Add unique house numbers and trim

Adding new or brightly colored house numbers can give your house the added feature that will subtly draw positive attention. New trim is a way that you can give your house an upgrade without the stress of painting the entire exterior of the house. Individual house numbers can be purchased for under 5 dollars or old house numbers can be removed from the house and painted at little to no cost. Make sure your house numbers match the finish of the house to tie the complete look together.

Utilize the appeal of potted plants


If starting a garden maybe even maintaining those flower boxes, doesn’t seem like something you want to do or if your green thumb isn’t quite a bright as you’d like, try using potted plants next to the front door. Potted plants are a way to try small scale gardening that will brighten the front of your house. Pre-potted plants can be purchased at gardening or home repair stores or for a fun family activity supplies can be purchased to make your own potted plant.  

Plant a Tree


If you are really feeling up to the task however, an instant way to add curb appeal is to plant a tree in an otherwise barren yard. While it may seem a daunting task it is absolutely achievable. Things to take into consideration however are what the size of the full grown tree will be and how the full grown tree will look and grow in relation to the house. If there is the room in the front yard, consider planting two smaller trees on either side of the door in an effort to give the entry an exotic feel.


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